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Residential out of home care

Our Homes

Ty Caredig Residential care programs provide children and young people who have experienced trauma, neglect, or abuse with a safe and secure place to live, emotional support, therapeutic care, and 24-hour in-home support from our staff when they are unable to live with family, or kinship or foster carers.

Ty Credig homes are located in several areas of South Wales. 

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Teenagers at Home

Many of the children or young people we look after will have complex needs and suffer from the fall out of trauma and abuse, leading to challenging behaviour. 

Ty Caredig homes help create that space they need where they can start to feel safe and heal and develop with nurturing and adults they learn to trust.  

Each Child or Young Person living at Ty Caredig homes have individual care plans supported by staff working alongside the guidance of a team of childcare professionals. 

Care staff help children and young people to:

  • Develop self-awareness ​

  • Create coping methods

  • Heal from past trauma

  • Develop purpose

  • Build relationships

If you would like more information regarding our homes and placement availability, we accept referrals from social care professionals and local authority organisations.

Please email us at:


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