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Our Story

Image by Eliott Reyna
Image by Christopher Campbell

A safe, caring and homely environment for young people. 

In 2021 four people sat down to chat together about children's and young peoples care in Wales and decided that between them, they would make a commitment to find new, innovative ways to make a difference to the lives of young people who are suffering from social, emotional and behavioural difficulties that do not allow them to live with parents or other members of the family. 


From these early discussions in 2021, Ty Caredig Children's and young peoples residential care and supported living accommodation was born, with the aim of providing  homely and therapeutic environments in which children & young people can heal and grow


Putting  young people and staff at the centre of the culture of TyCaredig gives a new sense of 

of purpose, belonging, focus and hope from which the needs of each, unique individual young person are met and they can heal and move forward to a better future in which they can achieve a fuller potential in life. 

Ty Caredig staff are the core of the community based residential homes and supported living accommodation and know the importance of nurturing an adaptive and holistic, homely place to live for young people, where they can be supported with all their emotional, social and behavioural challenges.   

Just three years on and Ty Caredig is going from strength to strength with several homes now operating in South West Wales and plans to open more over the next year ahead both in the South West and other areas of South Wales. 


The director founders of  organisation judge their success on the results achieved that the young people Ty Caredig care for and there have been many success stories over the short time the company has been running homes and it is the dedicated staff at the homes that have helped achieve such positive outcomes for young people.

Questions about referrals, availability or placements?


Call the team on:  


03300 577271 or 07909 104079



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